This season of colds and flu is one of the worse we have seen for a few years. There seems to be no magic solution to keeping the virus away. Washing our hands and maintaining good personal hygiene is one of the simplest and best deterrents of contracting the dreaded lurgy.

Nearly all essential oils contain antibacterial properties some though are better than others. Rosemary is a handy oil to have on a tissue for those times you are travelling on public transport. It was used in those very funny looking nose cones they used during the black plague to protect the medical staff of the day. Lavender is a great anti bacterial and can also be placed on a tissue to use as a bit of a face mask when people are sharing in a small space.

To unclog the head before bed to help to get some sleep try dropping a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil on the shower floor after running hot water for a minute or two. The oil will disperse into the steam and clear the sinuses and relieve coughing for a period of time. This process can be used on children in the middle of the night when you would rather be asleep yourself, leave them in their PJ’s and steam up the bathroom to create relief from the symptoms.

A simple chest rub can be made by using a carrier oil such as almond and adding some Lavender oil. Lavender has a bonus of giving a restful sleep and is gentle for children.



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